What if? (I) #34

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Page(s)TitleWriter / Art
1Introduction, no credits. At end of page the Watcher asks "What If the Watcher Were a Stand-Up Comedian?"Ron Wilson (given on letter page of #38)
2-32 pages of one-panel jokes enlisted below.
"What if the Fantastic Four were bananas?"
"What if Odin were Peter Parker's uncle?"
"What if Don Blake and Tony Stark were brothers?"
"What if Aunt May were Ant Man?"
"And what if Spider-Man married Spider-Woman?"
"What if Reed Richards took postman Willie Lumpkin on his offer to join the Fantastic Four?"
"What if Captain America chose to remain Nomad, the Man Without Country, instead of taking back the identity of the star-spangled Avenger, as he did in the established reality?"
"What if, at some point, Rick Jones decided to leave Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone, never to return at Earth again?"
"What if Nick Fury had to wear an eyepatch on his right eye instead of his left eye?"
Fred Hembeck/Fred Hembeck
4"What if... Ghost Rider had possessed someone else?!"Tom DeFalco/Dave Simons
5"What if... everyone who'd ever been an Avenger had remained an Avenger?"Jim Shooter/Bob Hall and Brett Breeding
6"What if Him had married Her?"
"What if Black Bolt got the hiccups?"
"What if Galactus ate the Earth?"
Mark Gruenwald/Ron Zalme and Al Milgrom
7"What If... Kazar... were a middle-aged accountant instead of a savage?"Brent Anderson/Brent Anderson
8"What if the Hulk were yellow?"
"What if the Invisible Girl dyed her hair?"
"What if Power Man were white?"
"What if the Thing were blue?"
Write Stories/Draw Pictures
9"What if Captain Marvel hadn't died?"
"What if Phoenix still lived?"
"What if Elektra had survived?"
Allen Milgrom/Allen Milgrom
10"What if Dazzler had become a stand-up comedienne instead of a singer?"Danny Fingeroth/Frank Springer
11-12"What if Marvel Comics and the National Endowment for the Arts presented Spidey Intellectual Stories?"Roger Stern/Ed Hannigan and Al Milgrom
13"What if Willie Lumpkin were herald to Galactus?"
"What if Ghost Rider owned a fast food franchise?"
"What if all the super heroes who now live in New York City moved to Toledo, Ohio?"
Bob Budiansky/Bob Budiansky
14"What if the Watchers in all the realities got together and watched Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers..."Mary Jo Duffy/Terry Austin
15"What if Howard the Duck formed his own super-team?"Dan O'Neill/Alan Kupperberg
16"What if Thor had a Swedish accent?"
"What if Cyclops's energy beams came out of his ears?"
"What if Wonder Man were a woman -- and Power Man were a girl?"
Mark Gruenwald/Brett Breeding
17"What if Black Bolt were a rock star?"Roger Stern/Bob Budiansky and Jack Abel
18"What if Daredevil were deaf instead of blind?"Frank Miller/Frank Miller
19"What if... the Marvel Production crew existed in this reality?"Rick Parker/Themselves
20"What if... the Marvel Editorial crew did, too?"Michael Carlin/Their Names Have Been Withheld to Protect the Guilty
21"What if Tony Stark had owned an auto plant instead of a weapons factory?"
"What if Sue Storm had become the Thing?"
"What if Moon Knight got all his identities mixed up?"
Joe Albelo/Joe Albelo
22"What if... the Watcher grew hair?"Mark Gruenwald/Rick Parker
22"What if... Alpha Flight talked like TV Canadians?"Layton,Carlin,Brown/Bob Layton
23"What if the Silver Surfer, White Tiger, Night Rider, Iceman and Moon Knight fought Wendigo in a snowstorm?" (a white panel)
"What if the Black Panther fought the Shroud, Master of Darkness in a coalmine?" (a black panel)
Tom DeFalco/Tom DeFalco
24"What if... Moon Knight had 3 different identities?"Bill Sienkiewicz/Bill Sienkiewicz
25"What if King Conan were Bing Conan on the road to Hyboria"Eliot Brown/Eliot Brown and Joe Sinnott
26"What if Black Bolt hosted a television talk show?"
"What if Bruce Banner's pants didn't stretch when he became the Hulk?"
"What if you went to the movies and had to sit behind the Leader?"
Budiansky,Romita jr,Parker/Ron Zalme,Bob Wiacek
27"What if Aunt May became a super hero?"
"What if Reed Richards had not invented Unstable Molecules?"
Mark Gruenwald/Mark Gruenwald and Bob Layton
28"What if the Hulk married the She-Hulk?"Roger Stern/Terry Austin
29"She-Hulkie"Stern and Austin
30"What if Norrin Radd had not volunteered to become the Silver Surfer?"
"What if Dazzler had decided to become a lawyer?"
"What if Luke Cage had found the hammer of Thor?"
Joe Albelo/Joe Albelo and Al Milgrom
31"What if... Doctor Strange were an ordinary magician?"Roger Stern/Marie Severin
32"What if Obnoxio the Clown fought crime?"Alan Kupperberg/Alan Kupperberg
33"What if Daredevil could see?"
"What if Thor got a haircut?"
"What if Spider-Man had married the Black Widow?"
Michael Carlin/Ron Zalme/Brett Breeding
34"What if Iron Man had an eating problem instead of a drinking problem?"-/John Romita jr and Bob Layton
35"What if Dr. Doom had a sense of humor?
"What if Galactus needed quick cash?"
"What will happen when Stan Lee reads this issue?"
Michael Carlin/Ron Zalme,Al Milgrom

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #151

In an interview about Avengers Disassembled the "Chaos" storyarc is given (twice) as being five issues and not four (thus Avengers (I) cont. was planned to end with issue #504). Also, it was stated that Avengers Disassembled will cross over into Thor (II), Iron Man (III), Spectacular Spider-Man (II) and The Pulse. But there was not "Puls Disassembled".

Bryan Singer (along with X2 screenwriters Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris) was supposed to be the author for 12 issues of Ultimate X-Men.

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #152

It was rumored that there would be a Thor relaunch after Avengers Disassembled, possibly written by Neil Gaiman. Any case, past Marvel 1602 there were plans to keep Gaiman at Marvel. More about Avengers Disassembled: The lenght of the "Chaos" storyarc is given as four issues.

Talking about the eight Spider-Man projects, Sins Past is mentioned as being "a three-issue arc with issue #509" (it turned out to be six issues). Arana at this point is called "the all-new Spider-Girl".

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #153

A preview about X-Men: ReLoad claims Starjammers (II) by Kevin J Anderson was planned to be ongoing.

An interview about J. Michael Straczynski enlists forthcoming Spider-Man projects, claiming this time Sins Past to be planned a five-issue arc.

In a side-note for Iron Fist (IV) it is mentioned that "the first arc wraps with August's issue #6" which suggests Marvel had not planned to axe it at that point.

A sidebar about John Romita Jr claims that he drew the cover of DC/Marvel Crossover Classics TPB vol.2, or at least, he drew Superman and Batman on it.

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #154

Ultimate Nightmare was planned as a four-issue mini (it had five issues).

The Buzz Bin mentions that X-Men: ReLoad will also have separate series starring X-Force (X-Force (II)), Jubilee (Jubilee), Gambit (Gambit (IV)), Nightcrawler (Nightcrawler (II)) and even the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The last one was never written/published.

Tomb of Dracula (III) is stated to be a six issue series. (It only reached #4).

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #155

An article about Ellis' Extremis arc on Iron Man claims that it starts with issue #90, so at that point Marvel probably had not planned to relaunch it as Iron Man (IV).

J. Michael Straczynski' Strange (I) miniseries is referred to as "Dr Strange: Beginnings and Endings"

An article about Brubaker's planned run on Captain America claims it starts with issue #33, so most likely Marvel had not planned the relaunch as Captain America (V) in this case either.

Steranko is stated to have created over 150 unprecedented narrative devices and techniques.

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Wizard: The Comic Magazine #156

Issue lists five photo covers from Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Man (I) #262, Spider-Woman (I) (Jessica Drew) #50, Dazzler #21, Daredevil (I) #45, Marvel Team-Up (I) #128.

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Wonder Man Annual #1
Wonder Man's Ten Worst Villains:
  1. Baron Zemo
  2. the Enchantress
  3. Goliath
  4. Grim Reaper
  5. Ultron
  6. the Black Talon
  7. his past costume designers
  8. Splice
  9. Count Nefaria
  10. Simon Williams

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