Secrets of the House of M #1

Detailed listing of contents (the art is taken from various House of M issues and tie-ins).

"Door" to the World of M-1
Intro: Secrets of the House of MOlivier Coipel2
House of M (Overview)Olivier Coipel1
MagnetoScot G. Eaton1
Lorna, QuicksilverScot G. Eaton, Trevor Hairsine1
Wanda, Charles XavierGeorge Perez, Andy Park1
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Overview)Essad Ribic1
WolverineJoe Quesada1
Jesica Drew, MystiqueOlivier Coipel1
Nightcrawler, RogueOlivier Coipel1
Sentinels, Sebastian ShawOlivier Coipel, Javier Saltares1
Toad, Madame WebOlivier Coipel, Bart Sears1
Mutants (Overview)Essad Ribic1
StormOlivier Coipel1
Apocalypse, BishopTrevor Hairsine, Andy Park1
Dazzler, IcemanOlivier Coipel, Trevor Hairsine1
Hank McCoy, Layla MillerOlivier Coipel, Essad Ribic1
Mutant Institute, MutopiaAaron Lopresti, Andy Park1
Namor, Kitty PrideMike Mayhew, Olivier Coipel1
Piotr Rasputin, SabretoothOlivier Coipel, Trevor Hairsine1
Scott Summers, Emma Frost SummersOlivier Coipel1
Sapiens (Overview)Olivier Coipel1
Luke CageOlivier Coipel1
Human Resistance MovementOlivier Coipel1
DoomScot G. Eaton1
Fearsome FourScot G. Eaton1
Captain BritainAlan Davis1
HulkAndy Brase1
Iron ManPat Lee1
Spider-ManSalvador Larroca2
Black Panther, Captain AmericaKaare Andrews, Lee Weeks1
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), CloakTerry Dodson, Olivier Coipel1
Nick Fury, HawkeyeJavier Saltares, Mike Mayhew1
Otto Octavius, Henry PymMike Mayhew, Olivier Coipel1
Robert Reynolds, Marc SpectorOlivier Coipel1
Stephen Strange, Janet Van DyneOlivier Coipel1
Mary Jane Watson, Wonder ManOlivier Coipel1
Mutant WeekOlivier Coipel, Mike Mayhew, Leinil Francis Yu, John Byrne, Sean Phillips, Pat Lee, Aaron Lopresti4
Teleportation ToursAlex Ross, Aaron Lopresti, Olivier Coipel, Andy Park, Trevor Hairsine, Salvador Larroca3
"Door" to the World of M-1

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Howard the Duck (I) #16

Details of the splash pages:

1Repeats the last page of the previous issue-
2-3Main titleAlan Weiss
4-5I. Writers are like peopleEd Hannigan, and also has a picture of a cigar box named "Wiacek" so might be him inking it.
6-7II. Turn left at the fork in the tongueDave Cockrum
8-9III. Obligatory comic fook fight sceneTom Palmer
10-11IV. ...And visions of sugar plumsAl Milgrom
12-13VI. Tell the people a story (yes, VI instead of V)John Buscema
14-15VI. Commentary and analysisDick Giordano
16This'll teach you to feed us pablum! (Pinup of Marvelites processing Gerber's brains)Michael Nasser, Terry Austin
17VII. Fan letter-

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The Incredible Hulk (II) #145

In November 1971 the 10th Anniversary Fantastic Four (I) #1 was celebrated by publishing many magazines with about 50% more story pages.
From FantaCo Chronicles #3: "Back in 1971, when 32 page comics were selling for 15 cents, DC comics suddenly switched over to 48 pages for a quarter, filling out the balance of their books with reprint material. It took Marvel a few months to react, but with their books cover dated November 1971, they too switched over to the new size and did DC one better by printing all new 34 page stories." (Thanks to Dan Sanders for the quote.)
Barry Pearl adds to this: "The conversion to giant-size was a costly and unprofitable thing to do. Marvel let everyone know that this was the permanent way they were going. DC signed long terms contracts to produce 25 cent comics for a year and they lost a bundle. Goodman quickly reverted back to the smaller size BUT made his comics more profitable to the retailers. This hurt DC hugely. Boy, was DC angry at Marvel."
On the other hand, the price for the extra-sized issues was raised from ˘15 to ˘25. The next issue had the normal page size again, but a prize tag of ˘20, which caused Marvel some problems because of the Wage and Price Freeze during the Nixon administration.

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Incredible Hulk Annual #16
The Hulk's 10 best brawls:
  1. Hulk vs Doc Samson
  2. Hulk vs Namor
  3. Hulk vs Wolverine
  4. Hulk vs Rhino
  5. Hulk vs Absorbing Man
  6. Hulk vs Juggernaut
  7. Hulk vs Madman
  8. Hulk vs Thor
  9. Hulk vs Abomination
  10. Hulk vs Thing

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Incredible Hulk Annual #18
The top 10 villains of the Hulk:
  1. Human race
  2. The Ringmaster
  3. Doc Samson
  4. Tyrannus
  5. Wolverine
  6. The Rhino
  7. The Thing
  8. The Abomination
  9. The Leader
  10. The Hulk

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World War Hulk: Front Line #5
The top 10 reasons to hate Sally Floyd!
  1. Was responsible for the ten-year human/Atlantean war (Startling Stories #57, 1973)
  2. Briefly dated Captain Rectitude (Captain Rectitude Comics, 1988)
  3. Yelled at fictional Paul Jenkins (New Avengers #8, 2005)
  4. Spent a short period of time as the New Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #37, 1996)
  5. Mistook Hydro Man for a bottle of Jack Daniels (Amazing Fantasy #703, 2001)
  6. Was revealed as Skrull leader (New Avengers #53, Early 2008)
  7. Provoked Galactus (Super-Secret Annihilation Wars, 1999)
  8. Hit on Reed Richards in front of his wife (Fantastic Four Annual, 1966)
  9. Missed the point with Tony Stark (Iron Man vol.2 #43, 1989)
  10. Still cusses at Captain America's grave

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World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker #1
Incredible Hulk (III) #107 gives a list of the used flashbacks (with a few errors that I corrected):

Story page 16, 18 and panels one and two of page 19 are from Fantastic Four (I) #12
Story page 19, panels three and four are from The Incredible Hulk (II) #153
Story pages 20 and 21's flashbacks are from The Incredible Hulk (II) #132
Story page 22's flashback is from Avengers (I) #1
Story page 23's flashback is from Avengers (I) #2
Story page 24, panel one's flashback is a general image that presents Hulk's time with The Defenders, panel two is from Incredible Hulk (III) #95 and panel three represents the events from The Incredible Hulk (II) #300
Story page 26's flashback refers to events that took place in Incredible Hulk Annual #1

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