Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1

Detailed listing of the newspaper articles:

Parker: You're Fired! (Front of Daily Bugle)Spider-Man2
Bugle Photographer Reveals His True Identity!Spider-Man1
Stamford, After 'New Warriors"-1
Shutting Down the Amateurs-0.6
Whose Side Are the on?Iron Man, Captain America1.4
News BriefBen Urich0.6
Crowd 'Provoked' in Human Torch AttackFantastic Four0.7
Villains Hunting VillainsThunderbolts0.7
We Love You, Mary Jane!Mary Jane Watson-Parker2
Mutant 'Cable' Offers AmnestyCable1
'Heroes' Out to Make a Buck in Time of WarColleen Wing, Black Cat, Misty Knight1
New Hero Training Program Begins Ex-Avengers Staff New InitiativeWonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman II1
Potential Criminals or Political Prisoners?O*N*E Sentinels, Xavier Estate1
Parker: You're Fired!J. Jonah Jameson0.7
Super Powers Do Not Equal Super PrivilegesShe-Hulk0.7
Letters to the Editor-0.6
In Support of the Superhuman Registration ActYellowjacket0.7
A Megan's Law for Heroes? Outrageous!Sub-Mariner0.7
Should Non-Super-Powered Vigilantes Be Required to Register With the Government?-0.6
Mutant Loudmouths Way UnpatrioticX-Factor1.4
White House Vows to Capture So-Called 'PUNISHER'Punisher0.6
Teens at Risk in Super Hero Behavior-1
Manhunt For Stamford Villain ContinuesWolverine1

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Daily Bugle Monthly Newspaper #1

Detailed listing of the newspaper articles:

Bendis! JMS! Loeb! Land! Four powerhouse creators bring you Ultimate Power!Ultimate Power #12
Marvel and the Dabel Bros. bring you Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Comics!Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #11
Marvel DB pro comics / Bestselling authors / More on the way-1
Civil War. Choosing Sides spotlights the wildcards of warCivil War: Choosing Sides #11
Civil War titles back in stock!-1
Civil War check list-4
Giant-Size Wolverine #1 artist David AjaGiant-Size Wolverine #11
Amazing Spider-Girl swings back into action!Amazing Spider-Girl #11
Heroes Reborn celebrates 10 years-1
65 years later Stan "The Man" Lee meets his most famous characters!-1
Marvel checlist October 2006-1

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Daily Bugle Monthly Newspaper #2

Detailed listing of the newspaper articles:

Astonishing X-Men UnstoppableAstonishing X-Men (III) #192
Civil War specials spotlighting Cap, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, and KingpinCivil War: War Crimes #1, Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War #1, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #12
Loeb and Liefeld team up for Onslaught: RebornOnslaught Reborn #11
Bullet Points: A Butterfly Effect in the Mighty Marvel mannerBullet Points #11
What IF? Returns with 5 all-new one-shotsWhat if? Avengers Disassembled #1, What if? Spider-Man The Other #1, What if? Wolverine: Enemy of the State #1, What if? X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1, What if? X-Men: Deadly Genesis #14
Young Guns reloaded 2006!Ultimate Fantastic Four #36, The Punisher War Journal (II) #11
Fantastic Four: The endFantastic Four: The End #11
Best-selling children's author Pierce pens Daredevil spinoff White TigerWhite Tiger #11
Guiding Light comes to comics!-1
'Nuff Said (by Fred Hembeck)--

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Daredevil (I) #81

In November 1971 the 10th Anniversary Fantastic Four (I) #1 was celebrated by publishing many magazines with about 50% more story pages.
From FantaCo Chronicles #3: "Back in 1971, when 32 page comics were selling for 15 cents, DC comics suddenly switched over to 48 pages for a quarter, filling out the balance of their books with reprint material. It took Marvel a few months to react, but with their books cover dated November 1971, they too switched over to the new size and did DC one better by printing all new 34 page stories." (Thanks to Dan Sanders for the quote.)
Barry Pearl adds to this: "The conversion to giant-size was a costly and unprofitable thing to do. Marvel let everyone know that this was the permanent way they were going. DC signed long terms contracts to produce 25 cent comics for a year and they lost a bundle. Goodman quickly reverted back to the smaller size BUT made his comics more profitable to the retailers. This hurt DC hugely. Boy, was DC angry at Marvel."
On the other hand, the price for the extra-sized issues was raised from ˘15 to ˘25. The next issue had the normal page size again, but a prize tag of ˘20, which caused Marvel some problems because of the Wage and Price Freeze during the Nixon administration.

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Daredevil Annual #8
Daredevil's top ten villains!
  1. Stilt-Man
  2. Blackheart
  3. Mister Fear
  4. the Hand
  5. the Owl
  6. Typhoid Mary
  7. Bullet
  8. Elektra
  9. the Kingpin
  10. Bullseye

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